I am a Worship Guitarist from Kentucky and I play at a church called the Upper Room Revival Center which has two locations with about 1000 members each. I play at both locations weekly and at special events which totals to about 100 performances a year. Our team has been looking for some ears for a bit and we love your product after watching YouTube videos about your products.

I am also an Independant Artist with a record deal with House of Worship Records based out of Lexington Kentucky. I am currently finishing writing and practicing my songs and I plan to make my first album in May 2016.

I am already endorsed by Covenant Cables based out of Atlanta Georgia and I am very excited about it. I was their featured artist for the Month of March 2016. You can see this on www.covenantcables.com

I am also endorsed by Walrus Audio who makes guitar effects pedals and I am super pumped about that opportunity. They have been very awesome to me so far. Here is a link to their website www.walrusaudio.com if you would like to check them out!

I am also endorsed by Rock Stock Pedal Company based out of Columbus Indiana and I am excited about the opportunity to get in with them while they are still on the ground floor. They make the Skyline Reverb and Raven Overdrive which are both killer pedals – also they have a new fuzz pedal in the works and a pedalboard light called “The Bright Switch” which could change the market for pedalboard lighting. Check them out at www.rockstockpedals.com

Lastly, I am endorsed by TempleAudio based in Canada as well. They have changed the game in Pedalboards and I love mine and use them exclusively. Check them out at www.templeaudio.com

Tyler Smith
Endorsed by Walrus Audio, Covenant Cables, Rock Stock Pedal Company, Temple Audio
Signed by House Of Worship Records

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