Tony Ferrizzi is a jazz and free improvisation guitarist and guitar instructor from the Lehigh Valley, PA. His music ranges from easy consonance to difficult sublimity, moving in, out, and between jazz, rock, blues, and contemporary classical idioms, but it is always committed to the spirit of deep listening and careful improvisation. You can find more information about Tony as well as links to all his released music on his website:

“I have always searched, mostly in vain, for ways of freeing up my right hand while I play. I used to switch from flat picking to fingerpicking to thumb picking, but it was never possible to switch fast enough. Like a lot of people, I had tricks for being able to move smoothly between those techniques, but nothing was ever smooth enough. Then I found out about Fred Kelly picks. I have been so happy with the way these picks let me do everything I need to. I use the white Slick Picks, both for thumb picking and flat picking, and I don’t know if I’ll ever use another thumb pick!” -Tony Ferrizzi

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