Saphyre Rain, Amanda Harras

I’ve been using Fred Kelly picks since I first started playing guitar as a 12 year old, and I’m so very honored to be a Fred Kelly artist today. I use two styles of Fred Kelly picks, exclusively.

The Regular Delrin thumb pick has proven to be the perfect choice for rhythm guitar. It is my “go-to” pick for playing live and recording rhythm tracks in the studio. I mainly play electric baritone guitars. I’ve found the response of the larger gauge baritone strings to the Delrin material to be exactly what I’m looking for. The tone that is achieved from these picks is also amazing – you hear the string, not the pick – which I love, since I’ve tried a variety of other picks that always produce a “clicking” sound against a heavy gauge string. The shape of these picks is another one of my favorite features; pointed enough for superior accuracy hitting single strings, but also strong enough to stand up to my heavy strumming/chugging play style. I also have to mention the extreme durability of the Delrin material; I put my picks through heavy use and they always hold up very well.

The other pick that I often use, is the Delrin Speed thumb pick. This pick is so great to use for soloing. It achieves a bright/clear sound, excellent for solo work, and the more pointed shape brings me a better sense of control during fast play, and more accurate results.

The comfort level of both styles of picks is also outstanding. They fit my thumb perfectly, stay in place very well, and I can play for hours with absolutely no discomfort.

Many thanks to Fred Kelly for an exceptional product that continually helps me make the music in my heart.

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