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  RALPH KELLY is the very talented son of our founders Fred and Helen. He uses the SPEED PICK on his thumb and FREEDOM PICKS (Delrin material) on his fingers and he is a remarkable musician with a remarkable life story. Ralph started playing guitar when he was six years old and started writing songs when he was 11. Playing alongside his Dad and his brother he gained great experience at an early age. Despite a hearing deficit since birth, Ralph continues to produce great music without being able to hear the mid through high frequenices of the world around him. Amazingly, he hears the music in his mind and transfers it to the guitar. His gift from God is is to play anything that he can hear in his mind. Ralph loves to play for people and his music is loved in return. He has been given a truly remarkable gift that he shares with the world and the glory belongs to the Lord. We hope everyone who hears his music will be blessed and comforted.

  “Midnight Man” is Ralph’s current CD and is also a nickname given to him by his wife Diana. You see, Ralph is a night owl who stays up late most every night, practicing, creating and crafting his music. It is this habit that makes Ralph the “Midnight Man”…

Here are some sample bites from Ralph’s “Midnight Man” CD:

Track 1. “Fight It And Win”

Track 2. “Stand Up”

Track 3. “Shalom”

For a copy of the CD contact http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ralphkelly 

 You can also purchase the CD right here on our website.

In the video below, Ralph demonstrates his use of our SPEED PICK and FREEDOM PICKS on his original song called “Far From Home”  :::


This video of Ralph Kelly’s original song “Have A Little Faith” gives us another look at his remarkable playing style using our SPEED PICK and FREEDOM PICKS–>


This video is a close up of Ralph’s right hand technique–>


Ralph Kelly interview and music on KAZQ32 TV show, “Spectrum” on September 16, 2015

(Ralph’s segment begins at 14:24)



Here’s a video of Ralph tearing it up at a recent open mic night!

Ralph via email:


Join Ralph on Facebook too: Ralph Kelly – Midnight Man



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