K. Padraig O’Kane Video

“I used to cut, widdle, and file my thumbpicks just to get them to be usable. It was a time consuming process that produced inconsistent results. I am happy to say that those days are over! Every one of Fred’s picks are consistent. They all sound great and I find them very comfortable! Because of the Bumblebee’s comfort and agility, I am now able play ideas and shapes that had technically stumped me in past.

As a veteran faculty member at the University of Miami’s Studio Music and Jazz Program I have to teach, play, and perform in a variety of styles, be it Jazz, Country, Funk, Folk, Fingerstyle, or Rock. This thumbpick handles it ALL with ease. Even pinch harmonics can be had because the ingenious design of the thumbpick strap doesn’t totally enclose the thumb! Beautiful work Fred…I’d like to order 1000 more!” — K. Padraig O’Kane 

Here is our good friend K. Padraig O’Kane using the BumbleBee and truly applying it in all of it’s intended variations as both a thumbpick and a flat pick.

IMG 2186 from Pádraig O’Kane on Vimeo.

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