“My first experience with Fred Kelly Picks was 2 years ago when I contacted them about a way to extend my middle finger as I had an accident losing the tip. I was playing country music at the time and wasn’t able to finger pick properly, this is where I was introduced to the Freedom Pick and it worked out very well. I was able to do things on my guitar not being able to in the past, awesome product!

The Fat Flat Large and the Delrin Flat where introduced to me next for playing heavy rock and metal.

Both these picks are awesome, as I do a lot of pinch harmonics and other picks I would have to throw away every few songs.

Not with Fred’s Picks, they hold up to my playing very well without gouging the tips. Extremely durable and love both of them. I would also like to thank all of the team at Fred Kelly for their second to none customer service and would recommend their guitar picks to all players! Give them a try you wont be disappointed!”

-John Goodwin 

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