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“I use the thumb pick, in fact this little pick has my name on it. I was pretty jazzed up about that. This is the Fred Kelly “Speed Pick”. It has the long shank on it and I like that because you can really get down on it. It has a nice angle.” — Doyle Dykes

Here’s Doyle playing his hot rendition of “Wabash Cannonball”:

From Question & Answer session April 2015:

“I started using Fred Kelly picks in the early 80s when a friend of mine in Jacksonville, Florida had one, and I thought it was the coolest design for a thumb pick I had ever seen. There were several years where I could hardly find them. When I would go to a different city I would go to the music store just to find Fred Kelly picks and I would buy every pick they had. It was a great day when I met Fred Kelly at the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society convention and since then have never had a problem getting them. Recently at Eric Johnson’s studio I used some of the other models, like the slick pick, for different sounds. I love every one of them and cannot imagine using anything else. Also… A bonus for me is they are wonderful people!”
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