Alex Anthony

“Fred Kelly Slick Picks are hands down my favorite. From strumming effortlessly to keeping up with the rest of my fingers. The absolute most musical thumb pick out there!”


Picking up a guitar at age 14, Alex ventured out into the world of clubs, honkytonks, and hole in the walls. Having a long family musical background, he knew the first time he strummed the strings he would pursue his love for music. Landing his first gig on the weekends playing in a music hall out of Dalton, Ga with his dad, he learned all the basics. Then soon to be joining jazz band in high school and playing for various local artists, learning the ropes of musicianship, loyalty, recording, songwriting and and road life. Nashville became a dream that almost seemed out of reach after his graduation. But he kept driving and finding more and more opportunities. Persistency always succeeds and he found himself becoming close friends with local singer Kane Brown. He helped form the new band, and they set out on their journey. He is now residing in Nashville songwriting and doing session work. Also staying on the road with Sony Artist Kane Brown as band leader and lead guitarist. He co-written #1 selling ITunes song ‘I Love That I Hate you’, and has played in front of hundreds and thousands of people.




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