Here are a few videos of bands, friends, and endorsers. All people who love to play with Fred Kelly Picks!

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BumbleBee Lovers “Stinging The Strings”

Steve Earle
Steve has been using our BumbleBee Teardrop Heavy thumbpick ever since it was first introduced. Steve relies on the BumbleBee for it’s ability to produce a variety of dynamics within each song. Here’s a video of him doing his last appearance on the David Letterman show in early 2015. Watch as he switches from using the BumbleBee as a thumbpick to support his finger style, to flatpicking and then to some big bold strums. (There’s more about Steve Earle in our “Artists” section.)

K. Padraig O’Kane
Here is our good friend K. Padraig O’Kane using the BumbleBee and truly applying it in it’s dual roles as both a thumbpick and a flat pick. (Learn more about K. Padraig O’Kane in our “Artists” and “Testimonials” sections.)

IMG 2186 from Pádraig O'Kane on Vimeo.